Friday, May 19, 2017

No drawing May 25

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend, artists.  See all y'all back June 1.

Welcome to our newest model Mr. L

Small group to see the debut of Mr. L, new to life drawing but you'd never guess it.  Great evening with wonderful poses to work with.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Back at it, guys

Hope to see everyone at their easels tonight.

Friday, May 12, 2017


  Summer seems to have struck.  We had a small turnout so we decided to call it a night.  I apologize to anyone who may have come after 7:20 last night and found the room closed.  We will try again next week but I think we may not meet May 25th since it is the start of Memorial Day weekend.  Unless I hear otherwise that will be the plan.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Madame E

Terrific evening with a lot of artists getting some great work done last night.  Good sized group to boot.  Fun session, for sure.

Friday, April 28, 2017

More Lady B

Lady B was so very active with her gestures I felt like we should just do a night of quick one minute sketches.  Alas, that wouldn't have gone over very well.  We got some really nice poses this session (when don't we) and we appreciate not only Lady B but all of our models and the service they provide to the people behind the easels.

Friday, April 21, 2017

An evening with Madame E

Thank you Madame E, for a wonderful set of poses.  A good group with some new faces as well as the stalwarts.